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Station 51 Truck Company Bar & Grill INC is the first restaurant to operate without a telephone for the business.  Many people are often puzzled or confused so we thought we would add this section, called Why no Phone?

Owner Kris Schoenberger opened his first restaurant in 2014 with the help of his mama, Denise!  Kris & his mama were best friends who created the vision to be entrepreneurs.  During the opening of their first restaurant, Mama unexpectedly passed away after working at the restaurant.  The week before, Kris got into a very bad argument with his mom, all over his cell phone.  Kris has a small addiction to his cell phone and Mama always wanted Kris to put the phone down and be in the moment with his family.  Their fight lasted a couple of days, and one of the last comments from Mama to Kris was "One day.....You will realize you don't need your phone to survive.....And you will put the phone down". Sooooo.....Kris is honoring Denise with Station 51 (her favorite TV show was Emergency) by not having a phone, and proving that she was in fact correct.....You can survive without a phone!!



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